Tomorrow's fish

The Omegabaars is a tasty, healthy, and truly sustainable fish.

Omegabaars op een bord

On your plate today

What is the Omegabaars?

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A sustainable fish

Is there such a thing as a sustainable fish? The Omegabaars changes everything. Save the world, eat Omegabaars.

A tasty fish

Sustainable food never tasted this good. Star chefs, hobby cooks and children: they all love the Omegabaars.

A healthy fish

There's absolutely nothing fishy about this fish. Omegabaars is not only tasty, but also great for your health.

Stijn, fish farmer of the future

Stijn Van Hoestenberghe is a sustainable fish farmer on a mission. He has the unwavering belief that we can do better. Better for the planet, better for ourselves. Read the story about his search for a tasty, healthy and truly sustainable fish.

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