What is the Omegabaars?

The Omegabaars changes everything. Its innovative farming method will forever alter the way we breed fish. Have a taste of the future by eating tomorrow's fish.

Overfishing, pollution of the ocean, plastic soup, the loss of biodiversity... It's on the news every day, and rightly so! Fortunately, there is finally a solution. The Omegabaars!

Omegabaars is the most sustainable fish on the planet

The Omegabaars lives off a 100% plant-based diet. No fish meal or fish oil for the Omegabaars. Tomorrow's fish is a vegetarian.

This fish is bred locally in our fish farm in Kruishoutem. It's like eating food from your backyard. Our sustainable fish farm does not waste water thanks to a revolutionary circular system.

How does it work?


The tomato greenhouses collect rainwater.

The rain is used to fill the water reservoirs of the Omegabaars.


The tomato greenhouses produce heat.

The heat is utilized to warm the waters in the reservoirs.


The fish feed is 100% plant-based.

It consists mainly of locally cultivated grains and seeds. The Omegabaars' unique feed was developed at the university of Leuven.


The fishes produce wastewater.

The Omegabaars' wastewater is cleaned in reed beds.


The fishes obviously also produce manure.

The Omegabaars' manure is very suitable to fertilize fields, or as an energy source in biogas plants. As the superfluous water is rich in nutrients, it is used to fertilize our tomato plants. Fortunately, the tomatoes don't taste like fish, but they do taste excellent with fish!

Sustainable food never tasted this good

Feel like a tasty piece of fish? Star chefs as well as hobby cooks love the Omegabaars. It's a very versatile fish. Discover a sea of culinary possibilities.

Discover a sea of culinary possibilities

How does Omegabaars meunière sound? Coat the fish with breadcrumbs, bake it with butter sauce and parsley, and serve with fries and fresh tartar sauce. Simple but delicious!

Are you more into carpaccio or ceviche? The Omegabaars is your kind of fish. Eaten raw, it has a nutty taste. To be combined with tasty marinades or fresh herbs.

Served hot, the Omegabaars has a juicy texture. It is the perfect alternative for sea bass.

Smoked Omegabaars tastes a bit like eel. Fresh salads, quinoa, mashed potatoes or vegetables: Omegabaars is the perfect match. Jeroen Meus, Flanders’ most famous TV chef, is a fan from the first hour!

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5 Jeroen Quote

“The Omegabaars is a surprising fish with a lot of character. A freshwater fish with a lot of culinary possibilities, raw as well as smoked, baked, or grilled, it is remarkable.”

– Jeroen Meus (famous Belgian tv chef)

The Omegabaars is a child's best friend

Getting children to eat fish isn't always easy. With Omegabaars, your kids will enjoy fish in no time!

Boneless fillets with a firm texture and a mild taste. An accessible fish with a lot of options.

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Healthy fish, all natural!

The Omegabaars is full of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Our body needs those, but can't produce them by itself. We have to get them from the food we eat.

Tomorrow's fish is farmed in a closed ecosystem of purified rainwater. No risk of harmful substances, and no plastic micro particles.

The Omegabaars' water is cleaned through organic filters. This way, we don't need antibiotics to keep the fish healthy.

The Omegabaars is healthy for you, and good for the planet

Nothing fishy about this fish. The Flemish saying “as healthy as a fish” is definitely true for the Omegabaars!

8 Stijn Quote

“I am so proud that my children and I can wholeheartedly enjoy a tasty and healthy piece of fish.”

– Stijn, the fish farmer